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Our Amenities

Our guest house is newly built and fitted with the latest technologies and amenities, whether you book a Deluxe or Studio Apartment we have it all in each room.

Image by Brett Jordan


Each room is equipped with high  speed WiFi connection

upto 500 MPBS

Image by Taylor Franz

Roof Top Cafe

The top floor of the building is a high rise roof top cafe perfect for evening jam

Image by Jonas Leupe

Smart TV

Led smart TV is installed in all rooms with more than 235 +  channels

Indian Woman

In House Kitchen

Our in house kitchen is cooks dishes such as Indian, Continental and English

Image by Leif Christoph Gottwald

Hot & Cold Shower

All the rooms are equipped with hot and cold shower water 24 hour 



All the rooms are provided with independent balconies perfect for gazing the dawn

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